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Heilna Technical Support Services

We are a technology-based professional trading company, we provide our customers not only the European high quality industrial products, but the concept of whole product, it includes not only the physical part of the product, but also additional benefits given to customers. Because customers not only want to buy high quality products, but also high-quality service. So we pay more attention to the technical support in pre-sale, sale and after-sale steps.

A.Type selection and design services

We have a technical support department consisting of 15 people (including two senior engineers), they are responsible for type selection and solution design; they accept clients’ technical consulting and provide technical guidance. And for each of our agent products, our technical staff will be trained regularly in Germany, and foreign experts will regularly come to Dalian for technical exchanges. Our technical staff will achieve a comprehensive and thorough grasp of understanding of foreign products based on their working experience. Within our company, we have a set of detailed assessment ways for technical knowledge to make technicians improve their technical level, to provide better customer service.

B. Training Services

We can go to the customers site to provide product knowledge training, and automation knowledge to improve their technical skills.

C. Technical Paper Services

We can provide product instructions, operation manuals, maintenance manual and wearing parts, spare parts design data and related testing certificates and other technical documents related to the user.

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