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About Industrial products purchasing as a agent

⑴、The interpretation of Heilna as a purchasing agent of industrial products:

Chinese customers already inquire from foreign suppliers, but they do not have the right of import and export, and they have to entrust other import and export companies to deal with the payment, shipping and customs clearance; Only transporting small goods, the freight and customs clearance fees are very expensive, so it’s very tedious and costly for them to import by their own. If the customers give the the European suppliers’ contacts and quotations to Heilna, we will purchase from the European suppliers. And we bulk all goods of many suppliers for cargo shipments, which will save freight and customs clearance fees. And Heilna only charge a small service fee for purchasing as a agent. So that the customers can convert the tedious international trade into simple domestic trade .

⑵、Account settlement of Heilna as a purchasing agent of industrial products:

Price calculation: (net cost + VAT + Customs duty + Overseas freight + Customs clearance fee + Insurance fee + domestic fee)=A

Heilna Service charge: A<20000.00, service charge is 7%, that’s A*1.07= Contract Amount; A>20000.00, service charge is 5%, that’s A*1.05= Contract amount


* Effective and high speed information -- We have a purchasing center in Neu-Isenburg, Germany

* Spelling goods customs clearance and delivery advantage--Air cargo from Frankfurt to China every week. The spare parts products in Germany to fight to China, batch purchase zero mining, no limit to the order amount and quantity. So as to make small orders not to bear the high shipping costs and customs fees. This will not only help save costs for customers, but also shorten the delivery time, and  we put these save out the cost of all feedback to the customer.

* Management advantage, Simple process of acting as a purchasing agent: 16 years enterprise accumulation formed efficient management, and effective cooperation of different departments (such as marketing department, sales department, service department, commercial department, technical department, warehousing department, financial department), and using ERP system, to ensure accurate implementation of domestic and international business. Our entire spare parts business from the inquiry, quotation, delivery, has maintained a very high efficiency, which save customers a lot of cost, which we feedback to customers. We add a module in ERP software, which help customers track the status of the goods on line.

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