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Logistics cargo acceptance

The supplier ship the goods to the designated delivery place in accordance with the transportation means, delivery type, and place of arrival of the contract. The supplier should select the regular carrier with appropriate international and domestic logistics of transport and long-term cooperation.

The transfer of goods ownership:if the purchaser find damaged packaging when receiving the goods, they should open the package to check actual quantity of the goods immediately with the transport company according to dispatch bill. If the goods are damaged or do not match the number, they should keep the goods and take pictures for the goods with the date of the very day printed on the pictures. The transport company needs to sign for the damage for confirmation, and immediately contacts the supplier. When the goods delivered to the designated place and the purchaser signs for receipt, then the product is deemed to have been delivered to the purchaser. If the purchaser do not timely submit a written objection to the prescribed period, the goods are deemed to be qualified, since then, the ownership transfer to the purchaser. If the purchaser does not fulfill the obligations and breaches of contract when accepting the goods, the supplier shall be entitled to claim compensation for the losses incurred.

Acceptance criteria, methods and objection period: according to European factory quality standards. Ten working days after receipt of goods, if the purchaser does not raise an objection to the quality of products, then it deems no quality problem. Due to the purchaser’s using, storage, and poor maintenance etc. cause decrease in the quality, it’s not allowed to raise objections.

If the delay in payment occurs or the purchaser fails to arrange the payment, the supplier is entitled to postpone the delivery time, only after receipt of full payment the supplier is obligated to ship the goods.

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