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1、Eastern Boiler Control Co., Ltd. -Beiyuan 4# boiler control valve after-sales adjustment service

Eastern Boiler Control Co., Ltd. ordered on January 26, 2010, explosion-proof motivated valve PWST524411-EX from our company, and used for Shaanxi Beiyuan  Chemical Corporation.

On May 18th,2012, we received customer’s request to assist for field adjustment, we can not determine the specific cause of the problem by telephone communication, so we arrange the after-sales man to provide on-site services immediately.

We received this service task near closing time, in order to meet the customer’s requirements to arrive quickly as soon as possible and to remove the troubles, the same evening we talked with Mr. Cao of Beiyuan by phone to consult the quickest route to Jinjie town. And after got Mr. Cao’s reply, the technician flight from Dalian at 8:05am on May 19th and arrived Beijing Capital Airport at 9:35am. Then transferred at Beijing Nanyuan Airport and arrived Yulin airport at 3:20 pm. Then arrived Jinjie town at about 5:30 pm by taxi the same day.

The next morning the after-sales man arrived the service site. In collaboration with the accompanying people, he handled the troubles of the resistance sensor of the actuators, and after adjustment, the joint control ran smoothly, and solved the original location of the valve position and the position feedback signal instability, so successfully repaired the valves. After operating the valve, it has been confirmed to run smoothly, fully met the normal requirements. After Mr. Cao’s agree, in the morning of May 21st, he returned according to the original route to Yulin, then from Yuyang Airport transit through Xi'an Xianyang Airport to Dalian on the same day 16:20. So this service task was successfully completed.

On May 23rd, the after-sales man wrote service reports to Manager Shi of Eastern Boiler Control Co., Ltd., and got Mr. Shi’s recognition, and assisted to arrange the travel services cost. This time’s service laid a good foundation for future cooperation.

2、KCMF1218 Valve of DS Dynatec modification service

In May, 2011, one of our customer ordered 13pcs of KCMF1218 valves of DSD brand.

In May 2011, when system debugging, the valve core kept vibrating as the testing pressure is 0.4-1bar by nitrogen, and the valve could not be open if the pressure up to 5bar.

Because the customer’s special on-site technology cannot be changed-- there is 10cm throttle orifice behind the valve, which can reduce the pressure differential, the former straight-pilot valve KCMF1218-2 must be changed to force pilot operated valve KBMF1218-2. And after contacting with DS Dynatec on Nov. 25, 2011, it’s confirmed to change to KBMF1218-2 valves. For this problem, DS Dynatec replied quickly, and on the same day, we reached a solution, before Dec. 10, 2011, DS Dynatec would send the replacements to us.

And our reply to the customer was that as soon as we got the replacements, we will arrange after-sales man to go to Beijing to replace the pistons, springs and connections, so as to ensure the valves work.

On Dec. 1st,2011, the DSD replacements were sent out from France, and on 12th, they arrived Dalian. And on 13th, we tested the replacements in the workshop,0-12bar,test OK. And on Jan. 15th,2012, the replacements are put in storage waiting for the customer’s notification for on-site debugging and replacement.

In Feb. 2012, we sent the after-sales man to Beijing for on-site replacing and testing. So we provided a reasonable solution for the customer for the special technology valves.

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